Blinds and Shades To Brighten Up The Rooms


Change the complete look of your rooms and bring about a fresh wave of change and elegance by using blinds and shades instead of the usual curtains or drapes. The biggest advantage of blinds and shades over curtains and drapes is that the user can determine the amount of light and the extent of privacy required for each room. Coming to the specialists providing blinds and shades to brighten up your rooms, the first name that comes to the mind is Westral blinds and shades. They are a known name in the industry and recommended by the web page goodhousekeeping.com

Blinds to blow away the blues

Blinds consist of slats or vanes that can be arranged either horizontally or vertically. It can be made of different types of materials like aluminum, wood, faux wood, natural fabrics and also vinyl. The blinds can be kept fully open, half open, closed or just a small opening to let in a ray of the sun according to the privacy and light needs of the user. Blinds can be colored too. The client can opt for either bold or neutral color according to his/her tastes. A blind imparts a contemporary, vintage or elegant look to the room according to the slat thickness and colors used. A beautiful blind can freshen up your spirit and lighten up the rooms blowing away all the blues.

Blinds can be made of wood instead of the dull wooden shutters. When it is made of wood like bamboo, it gives an earthy, calm and relaxed feeling to the room. Another option is to use faux wood, which is more durable as they won’t get damaged by moisture like wooden blinds. These can be used in kitchen, bathrooms, etc. to give a fresh appearance to the rooms. For wider windows and sliding doors, you can opt for vertical blinds. These provide more flexibility to control the light entering the room. Blinds used for commercial or modern settings can be aluminum ones. These give elegance and style to the rooms. Thermal blinds are used to keep the rooms warm and save energy. For kitchens, bedrooms or dining rooms, blinds made of natural fabrics like cotton is a good choice.

Shades to add some shimmer

Shades are another great option to add some shimmer and beauty to the rooms. These are also called soft window treatments. Shades are acquirable in different styles like Roman shades, blackout and honeycomb shades. These are also available in various kinds of textures, fabric weights and patterns. Shades work by the pull-chord method and can only be raised and lowered. It can’t be moved sidewards like vertical blinds.

The Roman shades are the fine ones with wide pleats that move up when the cord is pulled. Honeycomb shades, as the name itself indicates have small cells on it. These are of single, double and triple celled types. Blackout shades can be used to blacken out the rooms, keeping the sunlight from entering the room. Woven wood shades are mostly made of bamboo and give a natural and earthy feel with their naturally woven woods. Roller shades can be raised and lowered in a smooth manner and can admit in a considerable amount of light or soft light according to the need of the user. Solar shades can be given in rooms which face the sun. These shades protect from the glare of the sun and limit light entering the room. Pleated shades are available in a variety of patterns and look like a well-ordered white shade from outside.

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