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How To Stay Away From ‘We Buy Indy Houses And Pay Cash’ Scamsters

Do you want instant cash payment for your Indy house? There are dime a dozen property agents in Indianapolis that claim ‘we buy Indy houses and pay cash’, but are they reliable. Well, it is feasible to make a home sale for cash and making a profit as well. But remember that there are scam artists everywhere that can fool you into a property sale. Ensure that you transact with only honest sellers and professionals in the region to get the complete value for your property. Beware of scam and protect your property. Some of the common scams that occur is that claiming to be a cash transaction, the realtor renders a check that never passes in the bank. To be safe, it is best to retain the cash till the check is encashed.

Sometimes the buyer does not see the property but may be willing to close the deal. This type of transactions has to be looked into carefully. There could be a possibility of a scam here. Such buyers have to be treated cautiously. Email fraud is everywhere, and property business is no exception. In such cases ask for legal proof of their residence like passport details and bank account statement to ensure you are dealing with a real person. Find out their intention to buying a property is real or fake. Some may fool you into a deal, pay for cash and then seek a refund of payment even before the check is cleared. Stay away from such fraudsters.

Any law abiding citizen should be candid about their financial transactions. Any transaction over $10,000 has to be reported. If you feel that there is any suspicion in the transaction, report immediately to authorities. Law enforcement agencies can save you from getting into any fraudulent transaction that can leave you in trouble for life.


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