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Pai Skincare Canada: More than 2 Years Delivering Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

Pai has been in the skincare industry in Canada for more than two years now and it is still holding its ground in ensuring quality and safe products for people with sensitive skin. It will be recalled that back in 2012, everyone was excited about the arrival of the luxurious skincare products in the country. During the time of launch, the products were available at Planet Organic and Tau stores but many stores have been added into that list now to make for a national availability.

What is special actually about the Pai skincare Canada products? There is much into the philosophy of the company to combine safety and luxury. To complement this, the products are widely available and being an international brand just adds trust into the mix.

There is also the solid background of the Pai skincare products to support the philosophy and inspiration behind the development of its range of skincare products. It is the story of the founder Sarah Brown. She had a very bad skin problem as a result of allergies. It can be very hard to imagine how hard it is when you have to deal with allergy yet you have to use skincare products that conversely accelerate the same problems.

This is what makes Pai skincare Canada stand out as the products revolve around keeping your skin achieving that look while still allowing you to stay away from allergies. There are a number of chemicals found in other skincare products that can be allergens but given the allergy-free focused development of Pai products, this makes for a new development in the industry.

To get the products, head to one of the distributors and the staff will always be more than willing to explain which type of the skincare products are suited for your skin.

There you have it, Pai skincare Canada products are designed for people who have sensitive skin. However sensitive your skin might be, there should no longer be a compromise on how you look in fear of what might happen if you were to use certain skincare products that do not take skin sensitivity into account. Pai does.

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