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The Top Virtual Reality Headsets

untitled-1-6Virtual reality refers to the technology that use software to simulate three-dimensional images, thereby replicating the real environment and can be controlled by the user’s control. In 2016, virtual realities are displayed on computer screen, a projector screen or with a virtual reality headset, often called Head mounted display or HMD. These types of headsets are used in computer games but are also used in other applications like simulators and trainers. They comprise of the stereoscopic head-mounted display, stereo sound and head motion tracking sensors. Some VR headsets have eye movement sensors and controllers. Several top companies are introducing VR headsets, and one should know what is popular in the market today.

There are websites which provide reviews on almost every gadget which launches. For instance, Manic VR can be given a glimpse to decide which headset one should choose. This link provides the supportive facts in choosing the top rated Virtual reality headsets. The most top rated virtual reality headsets are listed below,

Headset from HTC
The HTC Vive launched in partnering with Giant Valve can be plugged onto PCs. In spite of the expensive price, HTC Vive is a value for money kind of virtual reality headset. It is packed with seventy sensors to provide awesome head tracking and ninety Hz rate of refreshing. It allows the user to fix sensors in the room and move around along with the headsets on. The experience it gives is completely next level of exploring virtual reality.

Headset from Palmer Luckey
The current uncontrollable excitement created over virtual reality was emerged by the headset Oculus rift. This headset can be plugged into the port of the computer and can generate three-dimensional images on the screen. This headset works at the rate of 233 million pixels per second and 90Hz rate of refreshing.

Play station VR from Sony
Play station gamers find this headset an exclusive product for their gaming experience. Though it can’t match up to the standards of its competitors, it reached more number of users, who are PS lovers. The low pricing and its compatibility to Play station 4; this headset has a visible opportunity to turn around as a success.

Headset from Samsung – 2016 version
This brand new Virtual reality headset from Samsung, with all its new upgrades, makes it worth for the money. It comes along with an aperture and the spacious inner mount. The performance of this is based highly on the type of Samsung mobile used. With a widened viewing angle of 101 degrees and color in the headset to reduce glaring and reflections, this headset comes at a reasonable price.

Google’s headset
This headset is the first launch of Google in the headset category. The View, from the Virtual reality base of Google’s daydream, is 30 percent lighter than other headsets.

Cardboard from Google
Launched back in 2014, this can be considered a joke, transforming a mobile cardboard container into VR headset, by placing the mobile inside a cardboard box and stripping the outside in the form headset. But this was a low-cost way to experience virtual reality, and it worked very well.

Headset from Microsoft
Hololens from Microsoft was built with an interesting quality of merging real-time images with the virtual reality ones. With visuals of high definition, 120-degree coverage it cannot be connected to a computer, but has inbuilt operating system

This VR headset offers eye-tracking in the best interactive way possible, infrared sensors, 100 plus degree coverage, the frame rate of 90fps and 120fps tracking of eyes. It provides reduced size, weight and comfort on wearing.

The Razer OSVR HDK2 enables developers to create applications, without software and hardware restrictions. The dual LED display makes it an equal competitor with other brands.

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